The book of faces

I’m giving Facebook a break. So far it’s been about 30 hours. It’s a pretty intense breaking of an addiction. So far I’ve had the following thoughts:

  • I wonder what everyone else is doing
  • Why does it matter what everyone else is doing
  • How do I still know when my favorite bands are playing
  • How do I keep up with what events I’m going to plan to go to
  • I wonder what everyone else is doing
  • What’s everyone else doing
  • How am I supposed to know what everyone else is doing?!?!?!?!

Ultimately at the end of the day, the question is why does it matter what everyone is doing every second of the day? I’m not saying that I’m quitting the Facebook for forever but I’m certainly looking forward to asking my friends what they have been up to lately and getting to hear their stories first hand.

I’m also being a little antisocial right now so I’m pretty happy to be kind of ignorant to the fact that everyone else is still going to be having fun without me. I’m taking a social break right now from the big group of folks. I don’t want to harbor harsh feelings towards them because they decided to continue having fun and lives while I’m taking a much needed rest from the scene. I hope to come back to the social world refreshed and ready and in a better place to not let it take over my life again.

Also, I’m excited to write things of more substance here instead of putting small bits on the book of faces and feeling like this space is duplicative.

Summer into Fall

Well, this summer turned out a little bit differently than I originally planned as often life does. It left me with little time and space in my brain to focus on writing. Life required survival mode there for a bit, but it’s all good now. As the air changes towards fall so life changes as well.

I love change. I crave it.

So a few changes for the season.

We moved out of Portland and over to the Washington side of the river. We’re further out in the columbia river gorge and in a quiet little town. You can hear the crickets so loud at night and the coyotes yipping on occasion. I know us well enough to know that this isn’t where we’ll live forever and that while we’re enjoying the break from the city right now doesn’t mean we won’t go back. There’s a great big world and I don’t think I’ll ever settle on a place that I want to live “forever.”

We also added a member to the family. An amazing pup named The Outlaw Josey Wales. Josey for short. He’s a fantastic dog. Super chill and a couch potato at home, active and happy outside as well. Don’t worry, he’ll be written about plenty more here.

And next up, my current contract is coming to an end. I am in Dallas this week, next week I work offsite, and then the first week in October will be my last week here. This project has been intense. I’ve learned a lot about myself, work, other people, remembering what makes me happy, dealing with stress, how my ability to be social with people outside of work is impacted by stress at work. I am ready to move on and get back to a less stressed life that includes more fun. I have to get back to consciously not letting work find it’s way into my mind on the weekends. Next up, I go to southern california for the winter. I won’t complain too much about sunshine for the winter months and I feel a trip to Joshua Tree for my birthday will be in order!

Here’s looking forward to fall and the refresher in life that the change of seasons brings to us. A chance to start over a bit and clear our minds! Let’s get ready for more adventures!