Weekend Adventures in the Gorge

Saturday the little bear and I set out on an adventure.  Eric was pretty exhausted and honestly after a week of me being gone and traveling, sometimes it’s good for the bear and I to have some time just to ourselves. Luckily I am blessed with a six year old who has an immense appreciate for nature and the outdoors and also has pretty good spirits when setting out on a longish hike (for him).  We did 5 miles at the Tom McCall Preserve.  2.5 miles up and 2.5 miles down and a little trail running along the way.

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day in the gorge.  The sun was out and warm and there was a bit of a breeze.  I have never been to the Tom McCall Preserve or in that general area so it was fun to see a new part of the Gorge.  The area of the Tom McCall Preserve is a super cool geological area since it serves as a transition zone between the valley and high desert.  Also, it’s wildflower season!

Post hike we grabbed some lunch and spent some time hanging on the river front in Hood River, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite towns in Oregon.  We watched sailboats and some folks kite surfing, which I think is now on my list of things to try!

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