Even More Weekending

I believe highly in weekends and I believe in doing as much as possible in each and every weekend even if that sometimes means laying about in a hammock.

DSC00074This weekend was kind of full of randomness and a lot of thai food.

DSC00077We’ve recently gotten into disc golf because it’s a great reason to walk around the park. We don’t really take it that seriously and we’re by no means good and we don’t care so really we have a good time. This weekend we decided to hit up the course at Rooster Rock and have a picnic and river day. DSC00080This is my insane disc that I like to call my disco disc. Look how it just naturally found that little mushroom grove to go chill in. I took a regular distance driver and modge podged it with glitter because I really wanted a crazy glitter disc. Pretty sure I totally fucked up the aerodynamics, but lucky for me that I’m a shitty player and I can’t tell the difference so I get to use my disco disc.

DSC00081But we decided to skip going to the Columbia River while at Rooster Rock and after a round of disc golf and a picnic of spring rolls (which I’m getting rather good at making), we headed over to the Sandy River. I discovered my favorite spot along the Sandy River last year after a day of climbing at Broughton’s Bluff. It’s not the most reclusive spot on the Sandy and occasionally a train goes by, but it’s super convenient and fun and I like the little island that is about 2/3 of the way across the river there. It’s not a really pretentious place to be and it’s a little whiskey tango, but I guess that’s kind of where I’m most comfortable. We had a good time. The bear had such a blast playing in the river and he and Eric made me go out to the little island with them. Personally I was happy to soak up the sun on the shore and not get in the freezing water but freezing my lady bits was worth it because Indie was extremely stoked to show me the little island. DSC00095Eric and I spent most of the day talking about pad thai after we had our spring rolls so that was a must for dinner and turned out to be extra advantageous because we found a thai place close to us that delivers. We don’t really do delivery food often at all and in fact before that, it had been probably since we lived in Wisconsin that I’ve had any delivery food, but now I have a fix for lazy days when I just really want some pad thai.

DSC00105Sunday we had big plans for the Belmont Goats! It was an urban goat meet up so we got to see the Belmont goats and a couple of other herds of goats. Super fun. I did discover that I have a little leftover fear of goats from childhood. Thanks to my parents thinking it was hilarious that our goat, Diamond Lil, would butt me and my sister with her horns! As an “adult” I realize that this is ridiculous and I’d like to pretend that I’m not still like ah goats! But I am. It’s no worries though. I just consider going to visit the Belmont goats to be good immersion therapy. By the end I was only mildly concerned that one of those sweet cutie goats was going to turn on me!
DSC00098DSC00099DSC00101DSC00103 DSC00106 DSC00108

Memorial Day Weekending

20150524_201601We did some serious car camping over Memorial Day weekend. It was a blast.  At first we were planning to do Crater Lake and some really rustic camping and then we were like, you know, perhaps we start out the season with some really easy camping? And so we did. We bought a giant tent for the three of us (we will soon be upgrading to camping cots as well). And we lived in relative luxury considering it was either raining or moist mist all weekend. But that did not deter us! In true Lindsay fashion, I brought my nice camera, but failed to charge it appropriately, so you get cell phone pictures.

A couple of weeks ago we met up with some folks to go to Abiqua Falls and we met them at Camp Dakota, which we then determined would be the perfect place to do some Memorial Day camping. They not only offer camping but also many activities, such as disc golf, zip lining, obstacle courses, rock walls, paintball, etc. So, it’s kind of like summer camp and you can buy pizza there, which they’ll deliver to your tent along with your fire wood. Easy peasy camping times. Also, it’s kind of not in the consciousness of Portlanders since it’s not in the Gorge and not on Mount Hood and not on the coast by Cannon Beach or Seaside or Astoria so that meant a nice nice break from the Portlanders (which sometimes, you just need a break from, I like a  more basic type of folk sometimes and I wasn’t in the mood to spend the weekend with tiny cut off shorts and tank tops).

Geared up for zip lining

The bear really wanted to zip line so he and I did. Eric isn’t a fan of heights so he stayed on the ground as the designated photographer. Indie was SOOOO stoked about the zip line, until he got to the top of the first ladder of the first platform and the reality of the situation sunk in. We did tandem so he was always with me and he had such a good time on the zipping part, but he was not at all into being on the tree platforms. We played a game and thought of an animal that lives in the forest and climbs up trees and glides from tree to tree. So, then we were just little northern flying squirrels going from tree to tree and it was all pretty smooth sailing from there on out. We were with another group of kids who were just the sweetest kids in the world and kept cheering Indie on and telling him how brave he was and when they saw him later in the day they gave him so many cheers again. Super awesome kids


Overall, I think Indie’s favorite thing was the little pond with the fake alligator heads and more importantly many, many little newts who I have never seen just swimming around in ponds like this before (but we saw again while fishing at Horning’s Hideout on Monday).  And we saw many tadpoles.


We were also close to Silver Falls State Park so we hopped over there for an afternoon. We only saw the South Falls and Lower South Falls so we’ll definitely be going back to do the whole hike with the ten waterfalls


South Falls
Lower South Falls
Indie in a tree!

summertime summertime


I’m declaring that it’s summertime. At the very least it’s summertime in my mind. I’m ready to be warm and feel the sun beating down on my skin. I’m ready to jump into cold mountain streams, build camp fires, fight off mosquitos, stay up too late, watch sunrises and sunsets from a tent, spend most of my time away from the house, laze about in hammocks, listen to bluegrass out at hornings hideout, and the other many glorious things that come with summer.

Our summer is basically already booked out. I don’t mind it. There’s the occasional weekend that doesn’t have anything penciled in on the calendar, but we can just go ahead and assume those weekends will be spent camping. I don’t mind a busy life, in fact I prefer it.

So, here I stand on the cusp of summer awaiting the many great adventures, itching for the many days running around, trying to fit in all the many things I want to experience this summer. The anticipation is always the hardest, I’m ready to just jump!