Let there be songs to fill the air

I’m so behind on posts so I’m combining day 2 and 3 of the San Fran trip with my mom!

Day 2 included a trip up north to Santa Rosa to Russian River Brewery!

Originally the first order of business was a stop at Muir woods. I didn’t quite believe it would be as crowded as the interwebs told me it would be, but I should have believed the interwebs as it was crowded and impossible to park. So we improvised and hit up Muir Beach.

Then I remember that ah ha! Petaluma is on the way to Santa Rosa and you know what’s in Petaluma? Lagunitas Brewing!

It was a day of delicious beer!

Finally Day 3, it was back to Santa Clara.  My mom and I have been counting down the days to this show. We tried to get Chicago tickets and no luck so when the Santa Clara shows came around, I was like I’m just going to put my name in for two and we’ll just see what happens. And I got tickets! They were shitty tickets and we didn’t really have a view, but that wasn’t about to stop us from having the best time ever!

We did decide to go with tickets to the parking area so we could tailgate and be part of the scene and that was definitely worth it! We were way out in the blue lot 1 and the scene was solid. We had some beers and walked around to see the sites.

We happened to be by all the RVs so it was hippie bus galore! So awesome!

And then we saw the show and it was glorious. I could go on and on and on and on and on about the show, but I’m simply going to say that I had a fantastic time sharing that with my mom and it’s an incredible special memory I will never forget! Also, the rainbow was real.

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The sky was yellow and the sun was blue

windmill at Golden Gate Park

This past weekend I met my mom is San Jose with one purpose, to see The Grateful Dead and we accomplished that purpose, along with a bunch of other stuff! So, I decided to break the trip into 3 parts to do it justice and because otherwise it would be one really long post.

I flew in from working in Dallas on Wednesday night and met up with a friend I randomly made at the San Jose airport a few months ago on a layover. Seriously. This is how I make friends hence I have only 1 or 2 friends in Portland and the rest live scattered about the country due to work, bluegrass shows/festivals, and randomly making travel friends. I guess since I’m rarely in Portland, it works itself out. So, we had a few beers and caught up and had some good conversations and listened to some Grateful Dead and other music. Music is one of my favorite things to talk about.

the pacific ocean

Thursday I picked up mom and the fun began! We had reservations at AsiaSF Thursday night and determined we didn’t want to deal with the rush hour traffic on the 101 so we went a head to the Golden Gate Park and Haight/Ashbury area earlier in the day.

Hippie Hill at Golden Gate Park

We checked out Golden Gate Park and had lunch overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  I was determined to find the carousel to ride in the park only sometimes I’m not good with details like that perhaps the horses on the map didn’t indicate that there were many carousels for my enjoyment. We finally found it after we took a little stop at Hippie Hill only to discover that they had just literally started the last ride of the day. But we shall persevere and decided it was time for our next stop at the Grateful Dead house.

the house!!!!

We met a few other dead heads at the house and all took turns getting pictures of each other there.  We enjoyed the Haight/Ashbury area, although parking was a bit of a bitch. The atmosphere and many different kinds of folks there were quite fun. Funnily enough I got many compliments on my octopus tattoo on my thigh and people were generally nice. Which I was surprised by because I may have a bad opinion of San Fran thanks to all the tech companies there. But the folks in the Haight/Ashbury area seemed like the solid sort of either chill hippies or maybe dangerous street people. Regardless, those are my people so I enjoyed it. And even though I’d never want to live there and I really don’t ever want to have to drive there again, I would go back especially to take Eric to visit and to make Indie stand in front of the Grateful Dead house with me.

DSC00498We also met this super rad cat named Butters.  His owner was super sweet and kind enough to let us take a picture of Pete with Butters. Indie sends a stuffy with me on every trip and I send him pictures every day. This helps us stay connected since I travel so much for work. Pete is my favourite to bring with so I was quite happy when he said I could take Pete on this trip and Pete was quite happy to meet Butters.

Then we went to AsiaSF. AsiaSF is an experience all in itself. It’s dinner and a show and the show is put on by very beautiful transgendered women. It’s a little like a drag show with lip syncing and dancing, but it’s more than that as well. It’s a super fun time and I definitely recommend you take your mom there too! The food is absolutely phenomenal and the ladies are downright beautiful and really talented dancers!

All in all, the first day was fun. I only freaked out about driving in the city a few times. I’m not a good city driver. I get overwhelmed easily.  Off to bed we went, ready for adventures with breweries the next day!