Forest Park

I do not take much advantage at all that I live in Portland and have Forest Park within reach.   I generally find myself going out of town on adventures and thinking oh I can make it there anytime when I don’t have a lot of time and want something convenient.  However, what I find is that I just don’t go.  So, yesterday I went.  I originally planned on 10 miles, but changed to 5 because I wanted lunch and beer.  Pretty legit reason if you ask me.

However, if one lives in Portland or a close area, you should take advantage of Forest Park.  One of my favorite hikes to do there is to do a nighttime hike up to Pittock Mansion starting from around the Japanese Gardens.  It’s just fun!  And you get to look out on the city lights, also super fun when it’s a full moon hike.

One thing I need to remember is it’s muddy there.  Always muddy this time of year even if it’s a sunny day.  So much mud!

Here’s a link to my favorite map of forest park

Here’s a selfie of me hiking in forest park:


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