Ski Bunnies!

10411205_10100431508785258_2013766378289621771_nAlyssa and I went to do some skiing this weekend up at Mt. Hood Meadows.  It was pretty fucking hilarious.  Last time I skied I must have been around 13 or 14 and it was a travesty. Then last year I tried snowboarding and both me and my friend who tried to teach me agreed it was also a travesty.  And Alyssa grew up in Hawaii.  So, needless to say, we took some lessons.

We did pretty good I suppose for what was her first time and basically mine.  However, our best moment was when I started going backwards down the hill and bailed out and then she did and same thing and fell over me and it was basically a scene from an 80s ski movie.

However, we should note that we did not do more than just the magic carpet.  No buttercup lift for us yet!  We have two more lessons, but we’re going to go practice on the magic carpet more before our second lesson because we’re pretty sure we’re not ready for more skills than making pizza with our skis and trying to turn.  We also need to improve our standing up capabilities.  We’re mainly in this to justify buying cute ski outfits and to feel like we are legit wintertime activity people.  Someday I will also conquer that chipmunk run at big mountain montana.


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