On staying right within my comfort zone

Sometimes you go on an adventure to a place that you have several times in the past gone on similar adventures, but you just suck it up so bad.  This describes my day of attempted climbs at Smith Rock this past weekend.  Pretty early on in the day I said to the folks I was climbing with that they should do the climbs they wanted because I was sitting this one out.  Some days climbing is all about where you’re at mentally and I definitely wasn’t there.  I was struggling with some insecurity and trying not to hold back the people I was climbing with that were significantly more advanced than me.  I do not say this to say it had anything to do with their skill level, they were both willing to work on easier problems, but quite honestly I’m not sure what I would have been able to accomplish that day.

There’s always much talk about pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, just going for it, take the leap of faith, and I’m often happy with at least attempting that leap of faith and dealing with the failure.  But sometimes, just sometimes, I choose to stay right in my comfort zone where I am happy and content that day.  You know why? Because somedays you’re just not in the right place to spend a day failing and you know that you’re not in the frame of mind to appreciate that you tried.  So I opted to be the best belayer I could because that, my friends, was right within my comfort zone for the day.  I will be attentive and keep you safe while you’re up there on the rocks.  I will try to anticipate your needs for when you’ll clip in so you can be protected as soon as possible.  I’ll keep my chatting to a minimum and keep my eye and attention on making sure you have a safe and happy climb.

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