Christmas/Winter Themed Sensory Bin

i decided the bear needs some more constructive activities for the weekend since we want a lot of spongebob and the incredibles and cloudy with a chance of meatballs. we do love movies and tv, but we try to limit it for him (sometimes, when we don’t need something for him to focus on). although we do have a membership to the madison children’s museum which provides quite a few constructive activities, sometimes it’s nice to not get into the car and to stay at the house on the weekend (which I suspect may be happening more this winter).

i put together a sensory bin for the bear.  i meant to do this in the fall, but september and october got away from me!  and it may still be technically fall here, but since we had two days of snow last week i decided i could move to creating a winter/christmas themed sensory bin.  also it coincided perfectly with my friend libby and my’s plans to go christmas craft shopping.

the “snow” in the bin is white rice.  all the other items i got at michael’s.  there are little trees, penguins (or as we call them around here waddle waddles or as indie calls them laddle laddles), mini snowmen, jingle bells, christmas themed buttons (snow flakes, candy canes, lollipops) and some little poof balls and little poof ball creatures.

the whole bin

close up of the puff ball creatures


i love the little pitcher and bucket that i found for pouring.  how cute are they?

more of the scene from a different angle


i don’t plan to keep this out and available all the time, but just for a certain amount of time on the weekend.  indie hasn’t played with this sensory bin yet so i’ll make an update on the success.  it’s all ready for him after naptime today!



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2 Responses to Christmas/Winter Themed Sensory Bin

  1. bernadette hoyt says:

    really cute!! can’t wait to hear about his reaction!

  2. Lindsay says:

    He’s a fan! We had to spend some time understanding that the rice stays in the bin. He liked to bury everything and dig for it. He really liked the bells and he enjoyed standing in the rice. So a success!

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