Yukon Do It Half Marathon

Finally getting around to writing a race write up about this race I did in December. I ran the Yukon Do It half marathon as a make up for the ill fated Holiday Half that was canceled half way through the actual event.  I had such a good time at the Yukon Do It half marathon that I’m glad I had to scramble to find another half to run.

I enjoyed the race route quite a bit. It was mostly along the Puget Sound. The course was pretty flat.  Only a couple of hills around the half way turn around point. It was an out and back.  There was also a marathon going on which went out and back twice. They had nicely spaced water and bathrooms so all in all good stuff.

The race was small but very well put together. You can tell that the folks that put it on and that the folks that regularly run it regard it as a very special event.  The pick up location and after party fun was held at a local bar and the folks there were all really sweet and so nice.  All around good people.

So, how the race went for me personally.

The good:

-I finished!

-No injuries!

-My recovery was very speedy. I was hardly out of commission the next day.

-I trained really well for this race. I had no annoying issues with not having stretched enough or anything along those lines. I was very happy!

The bad:

-It rained, cold rain for the first half of the race. And then it snowed for the second half. Honestly, it was fun to run in the snow. However, I was already soaked so I was a little cranky. It did inspire me to finish quickly.

-I didn’t really bring dry clothes. It was very poor planning on my part.  The race was 3 hours away from my house. Why didn’t I bring dry clothes?

-It took me about 6 hours to get home because of the mentioned snow and rain. So, here in the pacific northwest, we really suck at snow. I, however, had my jeep with her snow tires on, but no one else did.

All in all, I enjoyed the race and added a few more items to my “lessons learned” bucket for future races!

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