Hazel Dell Half Race Recap

Half Marathon #3 is in the books!

Once again, it was a nice small race. However, I got a little freaked out about it. You had to be done in 3 hours, which really shouldn’t have freaked me out, but it did. And starting out I was like oh no all these people look like scary serious runners and I’m going to be last. On top of that, I stayed up too late at an Infamous Stringdusters show the night before, am battling some tendinitis pain in my right arm, and was having major lady time cramps. So pretty much I was really hoping I would get lost along the way or that  I would have the wrong address and would have some excuse not to run it.

Seriously during the first two miles, I was like you can just quit, go home, lay on the couch, and sleep. But then the lovely thing called adrenaline kicked in and all my pain subsided. So basically the time I spent running this race is the most pain free I’ve been all week.

I finished in 2:32:13, which is my fastest time yet.  Funny how that happens sometimes.


The good about the race:

-Fun course, a couple miles to the Salmon River Trail, and then the bulk was on the Salmon River Trail.

-The volunteers were so nice and encouraging! They would be like mile 11 is right there! wooo!

-Despite the fact that I didn’t the race packet pick up email which made me think the race was going to not be managed well, it was really amazingly put together and super smooth and I was sooooo impressed!

-Because I had been having some serious cramps throughout the week, I actually did an appropriate taper and didn’t overwork my legs, which I believe led to me going into the race with rested legs and getting good time for me.

-No rain! No snow! It was actually a nice day!!!

The bad:

-I bought new pants to wear and I had never run a long distance in them before, I know this is a no no. I did it anyways. They were okay, but liked to slip down a bit. After the first 3 miles, I decided who cars, I’ll let them fall down a bit and stop messing with them.

-Somehow I got blisters on both my feet. Same shoes as always, same socks I’ve work on multiple halves.

-This race has had the most hills I’ve had to run so far.  Not the worst thing, but hey, I don’t totally love hills at mile 12.

March is going to be a crazy month, so the only race I can actually fit in is the Portland Adidas Shamrock run. It’s going to be a busy crazy cluster fuck. Deep breath! Also, the worst hill: Terwilliger.

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