Bend Half Marathon Race Recap

The Bend half marathon is officially my favorite race to date. Everything was just on and lined up for this race. And I got a PR!!!! Woohooo!!!!


First I got 9 hours of sleep the night before. What?!?!? It’s only because the night before that I got 3 hours of sleep the night before because I have bluegrass problems.

Second, my music mix was on point!

And probably, most important, I REALLY wanted to run this race. I almost didn’t do this race. I was trying to be practical and do a race closer to home and not drag the boys to bend again. I’ve made them go to bend a lot the last few months. But Eric was like do the race you want, we support you. And so I did. Indie is just happy when we go somewhere with a pool so few complaints from him.

So good things:
-this race was so organized and ran so smoothly! Packet pick up was no problem. There were more than enough port a potties!!! The route was marked so well and the volunteers were awesome.

-people of bend Oregon, you are some of the nicest and sweetest people on the planet!

-my outfit was on point and I even matched the whole race colour scheme. I wore running shorts for the first time in a race and it was glorious. Rather than pulling and tugging on Capri pants, it was like glorious clouds surrounding my bum and not one wedgie. Under armour for the win on running shorts!

-my grateful dead running mix was totally on point. Miles 7-8 are the hardest miles for me and when I hit those miles, going down the road feeling bad came on! Then on mile 12 a little I need a miracle everyday and I was like sing me home Bobbie!

-I fueled and paced myself appropriately!

-bombing downhill at top speed is super fun!

-the medal is so awesome! Honestly that’s part of why I did this race.

-I remembered to tape up my feet so no blisters!

Things that should have been bad but weren’t:

-bend is about 3000 feet higher in elevation than where I train. I didn’t really think about that when I was training but somehow it didn’t really negatively impact me.

-somehow I managed not to get shin splints despite bombing downhill.

-speaking of hills, there were a lot and they were not inconsequential. Once again, somehow they didn’t impact me too terribly in my time.

-it did rain and sleet a bit but then the sun came back out.

The bad:
-the only bad thing was the one last hill that the finish line was on top of!!! I was like uuuuuggghhhhh!

I would definitely do this race again! It was awesome!

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