Sage Rat Running Weekend Recap

This past weekend I ran not one but two races! A half marathon on Saturday and a 10k trail run on Sunday! The races were held in Prosser, WA. I highly recommend doing these races. They’re well organized, the people are great, super family friendly, and overall a good time!


Here’s how it went down:

Saturday Half Marathon
I purposefully went into this holding back and not planning a an attempt at a PR because I wanted to be able to run the 10k the following day.


The good
– Flat and theoretically fast if you’re not holding back like me.
– So much race support by the police and National Guard. Very little chance of being hit by a car.
– Excellent number of aid stations and porta potties!
– I have nailed my fave running outfits so no mishaps!

The not as good but not bad
– Forgot to body glide my chubsy wubsy thighs, but had my body glide with me so I did a very glamorous application on the side of the road in the middle of the town.
– As advertised the race was very flat, I think I might actually like hills for keeping me entertained!
– I need a different hydration backpack solution because I want pockets on the front to be able to reach my peanut butter sandwich.

Also the baby bear ran a killer 1 mile!! So proud of him!


Sunday 10k Trail Run


Oh I was saving my legs for this! 1000 ft gain in 2.5 miles. Ultimately I decided to walk the 2.5 miles up because I could hike it faster than I could run it.


The good
– I like going up high because I really like bombing down hills!
– Easy peasy path! No navigation issues. Straight up the hill!
– It was just fun. I just love getting to the top of hills.

I don’t really have any bad or not good things about the trail run. It wasn’t through the woods on that type of trail but I wasn’t expecting it to be. Exactly as advertised. Run straight up Horse Heaven Hills.


My legs need a little recovery today and I have a big running day planned on Thursday with my running coach. I had a fun time and I was happy to know I could get up the day after running 13.1 miles and run again with tired legs. Working on that mental toughness.

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