Snowshoes and Ice

I start stalking the weather here about ten days out and then I start over planning and getting really excited when I see a sunny day in the forecast.  And I start planning I’m like oh we could climb or hike or snowshoe or go to the ocean. So many things!!!  But since it’s winter and we just got some really decent snow up on Mt. Hood, snowshoeing was most definitely what I wanted to do and the boys were on board!

We decided to hit up Frog Lake Sno Park.  It’s supposed to be nice and flat and easy peasy for the little one.  It is shared with snow mobiles, but otherwise it seemed like a good choice for us.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the snowmobiles.  We’re used to snowmobiles since those seem to be the Wisconsin winter recreation choice.  And I wish I had a lot more positive things to say about them, but I was kind of expecting people to be assholes on the trail and that we’d most likely run into a close call or two.  Apparently like in all things Oregon, the vast majority of the snowmobilers are nice and considerate.   No close calls.  Everyone going at a decent speed, but still having fun.

The other thing about snowmobiles is that Indie had never actually seen one that he could remember.  So when he saw the first one today he immediately said with the most wide eyed amazement “I want one of those.” I guess we know what kind of kiddo we have.

IMG_5733Onto some more info about the trail.  It was nice and flat.  The trailhead is on the opposite side of the parking area from the bathrooms.  We almost ended up on Barlow which I didn’t have any info on so I didn’t want to risk an exploratory trip with the bear.  It is nice and flat and wide.  We stuck to the side of the trail to be polite to snowmobilers.  This trail is also shared with cross country skiers and apparently the occasional dog sled, which was the other really awesome part of the day.

You can maIMG_5730ke many different loops with all the trails out there, we went a ways, realized we were going past the campground area by the lake.  I really wanted to see the lake so we forged a path through the campground to the lake.   That was the most challenging and the most fun (in my opinion) part of the journey.  It was a bit of a trek for the bear, but we kept reminded him to follow our footsteps, which he did for the most part, but apparently forging his own path in waste deep snow is fun for him.

IMG_5746We made it out to the lake, which was frozen solid.  I don’t go on frozen lakes.  I think it’s growing up in Tennessee where nothing was ever actually frozen solid enough for it to be safe.  Also, I think that I was emotionally scarred by It’s a Wonderful Life.  Eric ventured out because he grew up in Wisconsin and apparently that’s what they do there when growing up.


20150102_134916We had the usual pb & j post hike and some coffee.






Then because Eric loves me and humors me, we decided to take the long way home over the rest of hte mountain to Hood River and then drive through the Columbia River Gorge.  It’s been cold here so I had a theory that all those waterfalls would be freezing over and they were and it was beautiful!

IMG_5760 multnomah falls


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