Tillamook Oregon – Cape Lookout Beach

Yesterday I was in need of a distraction because I was stressing out big time, which makes me generally no fun to be around so I try not to do it often.  But yesterday I did.  Luckily a friend wanted some beer from a brewery in Tillamook Oregon which presented the perfect distraction for me.  I would head over there in the morning do some hiking and enjoying the Pacific Ocean, then hit up the brewery when it opened at 3, meet up with another friend of mine when she got off work and then mosey on home for a bluegrass show in the evening.  And during all of this I would receive news about work that would hopefully ease the stressing.

A few weeks ago we went out to Tillamook to Cape Lookout for some whale watching and we took the Cape Trail.  There’s also another trail there, the south trail, that takes you down to the ocean.  Now I will tell you that there are infinitely easier ways to get to the ocean along the Oregon Coast so I only suggest this trail if you’re looking for a hike.  It’s a 3.6 mile roundtrip.  Consider that down to the ocean is half that mileage of downhill switchbacks and you’ll be like oh these aren’t too bad, seems like a slow burn, but the way up you’re like dear god! what happened to the slow burn. UGH!  I prefer to do my uphill first and give myself the glorious view from the top as my reward and then hike down so this inversion of my preference is always hard for me.

I’m glad I did this trail without the bear.  It’s not the worst trail, but it wouldn’t have been fun for him.  I’m trying to keep trails and outdoor adventures fun for him as a 5 year old and not overly challenging so we can slowly build up the challenges and not make being outside and having adventures to be pure torture for him.  Here’s why I’m glad I didn’t have him on this trail:

1. There are so many places on this trail where people have cut through that it’s getting quite washed out in places and a little dangerous, lots of erosion.  However, it would have a been a good teaching opportunity for why we don’t make shortcuts.

2. Lots of big tree roots to contend with.  Not a big deal really for our grown up legs, but this creates a lot of extra work for his little 5 year old legs.

3. The beach was actually full of trash so I would have spent a lot of time telling him not to touch things.  It’s weird that this beach was so dirty because it’s so remote and I can’t imagine people bringing all this crap down there (like shampoo bottles and such) but my friend who lives there reminded me that they’re now getting a lot of tsunami trash on the beaches so that’s possibly what was happening.

4. Just the trip back up.  He would have been so miserable on the hike up because it’s quite relentless and after the hike down and how much he would have run on the beach, he would have been so exhausted!

Good things for me:

1. I had the entire beach to myself for as far as the eye could see.  That’s not too uncommon for Oregon winters on the coast, but usually there’s a few other people.

2. I had the perfect day!  It was sunny and just a light warm wind.  Gorgeous!

3. It was an excellent day for sand dollars and I found like 6 totally intact!

Next time I’m down there I’m bringing some trash bags and lugging some trash out!

Some pictures from the day:

2 Replies to “Tillamook Oregon – Cape Lookout Beach”

  1. awww…so sorry about the stress of life.

    …. getting away to be among the sky, the sun, the clouds and the sounds of nature was very smart of you. for some reason…it is those things that balance us.

    the pictures are amazing. the ocean bubbles are intriguing. a daisy in january….shut up! the sunset is perfect.

    happy trails!

  2. I think the bubbles were just from foam where the ocean was hitting the shore. They were just sticking around for a bit because of the lack of wind that day.

    I took that sunset picture while driving… I was shocked it turned out!

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